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From: Danny Beesley <>
Subject: Laney FabLab first class (Carp228, Digital Fabrication)
Date: January 4, 2016 at 3:23:32 PM PST

Hello everyone, you are all on this list because you have expressed interest in the Laney College FabLab. 

We are getting very close to opening the doors and we have our first class offering already on the books. The class is Carp228, Digital Fabrication and will be offered on Friday's from 9am-4:15pm with a 30 minute lunch. This class will be held in the Architecture computer lab and the FabLab. 

This class will be taught by Marisha Farnsworth, who is an architect and builder. She has worked on a large variety of projects, including multiple public art installations and Burningman projects.  She has extensive knowledge in digital fabrication.

There are no prerequisites for this class, but it is highly recommended that you are already familiar with 3D modeling software. The main software that will be utilized is Rhino and Fusion360, though others will be used as well. Students will work on a variety of projects and will get an in depth overview of many of the tools within the FabLab. This will be the most comprehensive class that will be offered in the FabLab!

If an in depth semester long class is too much for you, we will be adding some informal non-credit workshops in the FabLab covering the tools individually. That schedule will be announced in late January.
If you are interested in taking the Carp228 Digital Fabrication class, then we encourage you to sign up right away while there are still spots available.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about this class in particular, for other inquiries about other offerings, then I please ask you to hold off on those questions until we make the first announcements about workshops.


Danny Beesley & the Laney FabLab Team

(Laney instructors, please share this announcement with your students)