Start-up company in Eville that does synthetic fibers (such as spider silk) is looking for a technician.

At Bolt Threads, we believe that answers to our most vexing problems can be found in nature. Every day we’re inspired by the amazing materials we work with, and driven by the desire to turn these materials into incredible products. We are a venture backed, idea driven company, led by world-class scientific and engineering talent, as well as experienced executives from the technology and apparel industries.

We’re Looking For...

The engineering team at Bolt Threads is looking for an accomplished Mechanic or Technician to help us provide creative engineering solutions to a wide variety of projects. The best person for us has a broad range of experience working with and/or supporting engineering teams with a wide range of skills including mechanical and electrical. 

They will work with a team skilled in design, fabrication, and implementation of highly custom and complex engineering solutions. 

We are a customer focused group, so a strong desire to partner with other teams at Bolt to help them realize their engineering needs is crucial. The role is ideal for someone looking to “level-up” and has a number of opportunities to grow skills in custom design, fabrication, assembly and equipment support.

If you are the person in your world that people seek out to make things happen, we’d love to hear from you.

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Mark Martin, PhD
Regional Director (DSN), Bay Area
Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Development
California Community Colleges

(650) 248-7728

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