OK, I don’t really expect (or want :-) any of our current teachers to head out to New Hampshire to take a machining job at an Ivy League school. But maybe one of our former students would like to!

More importantly, when someone says machining (or manufacturing) isn’t important, you can point out that an Ivy League school is wanting to hire a machine shop instructor with an AS degree, possibly two, to teach their engineering students. 


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  1.  Job: machine shop instructor at Dartmouth (Jeremy Faludi)


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Hey, PD folks--anyone looking for a gig as a machine shop instructor?  Especially in a small town in the woods where you can get away from it all?

We at Dartmouth are hiring for one, probably two positions.  $61K - $77K/yr in a place where your money goes a lot farther than it does in the bay area (median house price in New Hampshire is $277K).  I'll be the first one to admit that we're far from anything out here, but there's lots of hiking & skiing, and we've got a fully decked-out machine shop with all the toys.

Required Qualifications
? A broad and deep understanding of techniques of mechanical design and analysis.
? A wide knowledge of sophisticated materials and manufacturing techniques.
? A desire and agility for learning new techniques.
? Exceptional communication and collaborative skills.
? Agility to configure and move around machinery and students and to hear and be heard over the commotion of a busy workshop.

Minimum Experience
? A portfolio of products and projects demonstrating breadth in engineering and teaching experience.
? Familiarity with workshop and/or makerspace tools.
? Experience in a teaching role helping others to increase their competency in the use of equipment using best instructional design practices.

Minimum Education
? Associates Degree in technical, engineering, science, or studio art, or equivalent

Preferred Qualifications
? Bachelor's Degree preferred

Full details here: https://www.higheredjobs.com/faculty/details.cfm?JobCode=176960774

Especially interested in hiring women to gender-balance the team.

Feel free to forward widely!


Jeremy Faludi, Ph.D., LEED AP BD+C
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