Dear Bay Area teachers,
We're working to get more kids in the Bay Area engaged in hands-on design and build activities. One activity we’re supporting is robotics competitions where students get a robotics kit, and then design, build, program, and compete against other teams (

We are ordering a number of Vex Robotics kits ( and want to give them to under-resourced middle and high schools in the Bay Area that want to start a robotics club. We also want to build a community of teachers in the area around robotics. If you are a teacher that's interested, and fit the criteria below,

please fill out the survey at:

We have a limited number of kits (but if demand is high enough I could look at buying more). If you have questions, let me know (note: there’s a place on the survey for you to register comments / questions as well). Following that, we’ll work to find a date for a workshop for you to get trained on the Vex robots.

Mark Martin
Anthony Gamarra

P.S. Please feel free to forward this on to other teachers.

CRITERIA to receive free Vex kit
1) Teacher at a public middle or high school in the Bay Area
2) Recognize (and willing to devote) the extra effort to this activity (we recognize that you do a lot already).
- Start an after-school club for students interested in participating (probably need to meet 2-3 hours per week, with about 6-15 students)
  - Meet for a 6-8 hour training session (in the next few weeks) to get up to speed on Vex and the robotics competition (we will try to have the training session on a school day, but might need to hold it on a Saturday)
- Have your team participate in a local Vex robotics competition during this school year (typically held on a Saturday)
 3) Have commitment from your school (allow a professional day for you to attend the workshop? stipend? space for the team? ?)
 4) Priority will be given to schools that currently don’t have a robotics team, and to under-resourced schools.

Mark Martin, PhD
Regional Director (aka Deputy Sector Navigator), Bay Area
Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Development
California Community Colleges

(650) 248-7728

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