FYI. If you know anyone who might like to teach manufacturing in high school, see the posting at:

Details are below. It’s a part-time job, so maybe a retiree, or other person looking for part-time work, might be interested. If other questions, Anna Liu (copied here) could answer them.


Mark Martin, PhD
Regional Director (DSN), Bay Area
Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Development
California Community Colleges

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Interested in How Things are Made? 

Hi Mark,

The 0.4 FTE is for a course called Exploring Technology, which is currently a course aligned to the Machining and Forming Technologies pathway in the Manufacturing sector. The candidate should have a Designated Subject (CTE) Credential in Manufacturing, or one of the old Industrial Tech credentials (though a Designated Subject credential in Building Construction might also potentially work). However, there is room to grow and change this course. The lab in which it is taught has woodworking equipment, welding equipment (not currently being used), CNC mills, routers and other machines, a 3d printer and 2 laser cutters. 

Burlingame High School's schedule has periods 1-7 on Mon, Tues, and Friday, and block days Wed/Thurs, so the teacher would likely have (and could request) one day off (either Wed or Thurs). Yes, you are correct that the salary range listed is for full time positions.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you for your help,


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Hi Mark,

Please forward this job posting to anyone you think might be interested. It says Hillsdale, but it is actually for Burlingame High School.


Anna Liu
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