Dear Manufacturers & Workforce Developers,
The community colleges in the Bay Area offer a wide range of manufacturing courses that can help improve and update your employees' skills. 

Fall classes are starting in the next couple of weeks for most colleges in the Bay Area and I just wanted to make you aware of this, and ask you to share with your employees and clients - and ask you to encourage them to take a class (or two). Classes can meet in the mornings, afternoons, or evenings, and some on Saturdays.

Details about what programs are offered at each college (and links to their websites) can be found at:

To give you examples of just a small fraction of the manufacturing classes offered in the Bay Area, check out the table below. From welding, machining, electronics, industrial maintenance, CNC programming, CAD/CAM, dimensional metrology, QC, print reading, math for the trades, etc. there are classes that can help your company and employees from Monterey to Santa Rosa to Livermore and Fairfield.

So check it out and sign up soon!


 - Below are just a few examples of what colleges have to offer. There are plenty more colleges and classes out there. More info here

Community College Department Dept & Class # Class Title Class Description Meeting Day (M T W Th F Sa), morning/afternoon/nights Meeting Times  Start Date Contact Info for questions from companies Website for enrollment
Chabot College Machine Tool Technology MTT81A SolidWorks for Machine Shops The fundamentals of SolidWorks design software as it pertains to machine shop use and requirements. Instruction includes theory and laboratory practice on the use of the SolidWorks design software environment to create solid models, drawings, assemblies and how to interface SolidWorks models with CAD/CAM software. 3D printing and laser cutter machines will be available and utilized for students to produce their own prototypes and parts for class exercises and personal use.
M nights 5:30 pm- 10:20 pm 8/19/2019 Adam Hathaway (510)723-2673
Chabot College Machine Tool Technology MTT71A Numerical Control Programming I Introduction to programming and operating three-axis computer numerical controlled drilling and milling machining centers. Instruction includes the XYZ Cartesian Coordinate system, manual and automatic machining center operation, absolute and incremental positioning, program coding and preparation, and fabrication of basic three-axis drill and mill parts, and laboratory "first article" inspection reports.
T Th nights 6:00 pm - 9:50 pm 8/20/2019 Adam Hathaway (510)723-2673
Chabot College Machine Tool Technology MTT81C Mastercam The fundamentals of the latest version of Mastercam X CAD/CAM manufacturing software as it pertains to machine shop use and requirements. Instruction includes theory and laboratory practice on the use of the Mastercam X software environment to create 2 1/2 and 3 axis, lathe, and wire edm tool paths. Instruction includes part drawing, dimensioning, importing electronic files (DXF, IGES, Sldprt, and Dwg), lathe and mill tool path construction, geometry and tool path transformations, tool path editing, and post processors. W nights 5:30 pm - 10:20 pm 8/21/2018 Adam Hathaway (510)723-2673
Chabot College Machine Tool Technology MTT 70  Introduction to Machine Shop Introduction to machine shop practice. Explore measuring tools, benchwork, screw threads, lathes, CNC, and vertical milling operations. Learn safe and correct use of machine tools!  Tues. & Thurs, morning 9:30-11:50 am 9/9/2019 Terra Lee 510-723-7426
Chabot College Machine Tool MTT 81A Solidworks for Machine Shops Learn how to use the technology of Chabot's Machine Tool Technology Labs to design and build tools, toys, jewelry, and personal inventions and just about anything else you can think of.  Monday nights 5:30-10:20 pm 8/19/2019 Terra Lee 510-723-7426
College of Marin IVC, Novato Metal Tech. METAL TECH. MACH 106A # 82979 Metal Fabrication Metal Fabrication Fundamentals - 82979 - MACH 106A - 010
(No prerequisite.) This course introduces advanced metal fabrication techniques and their usefulness in other applications. The course includes basic metal straightening fundamentals, and introduces tools, techniques, and theory of metal fabrication. (CSU) 
every 2nd Saturday 8.10 -5.00 8/31/2019 pmcgee@marin .edu college of
College of San Mateo  Electronics ELEC 111 Introduction to Electronic Fundamentals Introduction to DC and AC electricity; reading simple schematic diagrams and construction of elementary electrical/electronics circuits; making measurements with multimeters andoscilloscopes; using DC power supplies and AC power sources with series, parallel and series-parallel resistive circuits; exploration of induction and capacitance in DC and AC voltage circuits. Emphasizes laboratory experiments and techniques. A materials fee as shown in the Schedule of Classes is payable upon registration. M, W M 8pm-9:50pm; W 7pm-9:50pm 8/14/2019 Business & Technology Division (650) 574-6228
Contra Costa College Automotive AUSER-123 Introduction to Collision Repair Technology This course covers tools used in collision repair, principles of automotive construction, repair of plastics, repair of different metals used in automotive production, body filler, removing and replacing cosmetic and structural body parts and corrosion protection steps. This course prepares students for ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) non-structural repair exam. Students will take the I-CAR (Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision) PDP-EE (Professional Development Program Education Edition) Non-Structural Technician ProLevel 1 exam and have the opportunity to be eligible for I-CAR Industry Training Alliance Gold class points. M-Th morning 8am-1pm 8/26/2019
De Anza College Design and Manufacturing (Machining) DMT 80 Introduction to Machining and CNC Processes Manufacturing lab safety. Precision measuring tools and practices. Basic manual machine operations: pedestal grinders, drill presses, saws, lathes and milling machines. Threads: types, applications and use of taps and dies. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) mills: axis moves, cutters, tooling, basic setup and controller function. Cutter speed and feed calculations. M T W Th Morning Six Week Course 8:00 am - 12:20 pm 9/23/2019 Mike Appio 408.864.8283
De Anza College Design and Manufacturing (Machining) DMT 84A Introduction to CNC Programming and Operation; Mill Introduction to mill tool path programming using G & M code format. CNC systems and components including machine controller functions and operations. Program entry, editing, and verification. Calculation for mill cutter compensation. Precision inspection techniques. Basic mill setups, including cutting tool selection, and work holding. M T W Th Morning Six Week Course (second six weeks) 8:00 am - 12:35 pm 11/4/2019 Mike Appio 408.864.8828
Diablo Valley College Machine Technology ENGTC-165-8762 ENGTC-165 - Machining and Manufacturing I This course introduces practical and theoretical aspects of machine tool processes Topics include basic blueprint interpretation, use of hand tools, measuring instruments and gauges, layout, inspection techniques and metals identification. Setup and operation of drill presses, band saw, grinders, lathes, milling machines and related tools will also be covered. CSU T TH  6:00 PM - 9:05 PM 8/27/2019
Laney College Machine Technology MACH 207 Theory, Operation and Maintenance of Mechanical Drives MACH 207 is the introduction to the theory, operation and maintenance of mechanical drive components and power transmission systems. We will discuss troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, repair of rotary and linear motion components, including bearings, couplings, belt drives, chain drives, gear drives, conveyors, clutches, brakes, adjustable speed drives and linear motion devices, as well as topics such as lubrication and alignment. M W nights 6:00 pm - 8:15 pm  8/19/2019
Laney College Quality Control / Machining MACH 211 Dimensional Metrology Standards and techniques used in dimensional measurement of physical objects Saturday mornings 9 am - 1:50 pm 8/24/2019 Louis Quindlen ‭(510) 464-3444‬
Las Positas College Welding Technology WLDT 72A Beginning Laser Welding This course will cover the theory and concepts associated with
modern laser welding of metals and materials. The use of the laser
in the manufacturing environment will be shown along with typical
applications. The different types of lasers available for welding will be covered including the advantages and disadvantages of continuous power laser welding and pulsed laser welding. Strongly Recommended: Some technical math with a
minimum grade of C. 2 hours lecture. Transfer: CSU. 
Thursday Evening 6:00pm-7:50pm 8/22/2019 Scott Miner 925.424.1134
Las Positas College Welding Technology WLDT 69A Beginning Pipe Welding Theory and practical application of: pipe joint preparation and design,
API (American Petroleum Institute) and AWS (American Welding
Society) welding codes and specifcations for pipe and pipe fittings, joint configuration, plasma and fame cutting of pipes, wire and
electrode selection, beginning of pipe welding blue prints and welding
symbols, SMAW, GMAW, FCAW and GTAW of pipe joints, nondestructive and destructive test and qualitative concepts of evaluation.
Welding in the 1G and 2G positions. Prerequisite: Advanced welding coursework with a minimum grade of C or previous experience with instructor approval
1 hour lecture, 6 hours laboratory. 
Saturday morning/afternoon 8am - 2:50pm 8/24/2019 Scott Miner 925.424.1134

Mark Martin, PhD
Regional Director
Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Development
Bay Area Community Colleges

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