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I’ve never sent out an email to the manufacturing newsletter about a museum exhibition, but this one is specifically about machining, so I thought it might be of interest to the Bay Area Manufacturing community.

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Mark Martin, PhD
Regional Director
Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Development
Bay Area Community Colleges

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Museum of Craft and Design
2569 Third Street, San Francisco, CA

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Dead Nuts: a search for the ultimate machined object

July 27 – December 1, 2019

This exhibition will present objects that makers and enthusiasts themselves have proposed as “the ultimate machined object”. Posed as a question in 2009 to an online forum called Practical Machinist, over a period of several months, a small community debated “What is the ultimate machine object/mechanism?” They proposed their favorites in an ongoing conversation of posts and responses.

Some objects represent the primal building blocks of mechanization: the wheel, the lever, the screw. Others are examples of tremendous complication: a Linotype machine, an aircraft engine, a microprocessor. Between these extremes are seemingly humble objects that belie their sophistication but have revolutionized the world. Our global standard of living is built upon these technologies; this exhibition attempts to elucidate what is so special about these objects and why they were proposed as the ultimate machined object/mechanism.

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Hi Mark,

I thought I would pass this one on to you, it might fit well in a STEAM curriculum field trip.


Dann Gesink
LMC Welding Technology 

Dead Nuts: a search for the ultimate machined object