Dear Manufacturing Colleagues,
On September 21 (Wednesday), from 10 am - noon, we are having a final “wrap-up” meeting to update you on the QC Technician Training program that the community colleges and local manufacturing companies have been working on. The meeting will be held at Laney College in Oakland.

A quick overview for those new to the project -- four Bay Area Community Colleges (Laney, De Anza (in Cupertino), Santa Clara, and San Jose) received a grant to develop a QC Technician certificate for dimensional metrology. Over the last year and a half, these colleges collaborated with manufacturers to work out details of what such a program would look like.

This 2-hour meeting on Sept. 21 will summarize the work we’ve done. We’ll go over the syllabi for the 2 new classes that were developed, discuss the certificate, talk about the new equipment we purchased with the grant, and talk about the remaining timeline for implementation. We are awaiting final approval for the classes, but the current plan is that De Anza will begin offering the new classes in Spring 2017, with Laney to follow in Fall 2017. Santa Rosa & SJ TBD. Note that we have existing classes that are part of the certificate which are already being offered. 

This meeting will be a chance for industry reps to get more details, ask questions, and help us in finding highly-qualified industry personnel to help us teach the new classes!

Many of you have been with us since the beginning of the grant, others are brand new. We welcome everyone in attending this meeting.

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