Dear manufacturers and community college faculty and deans,
In case you didn’t know, next Friday is national Manufacturing Day. One of the things we try to do is have companies (and community colleges) open up their facilities and campuses to show the public the opportunities in manufacturing in the Bay Area. 

I’d like to encourage you to do an event, and to register it at the Mfg Day website (see below). And it doesn’t have to be on Oct. 7. Many companies do events on other days in October.

Information about what these events look like is at: 

Thanks for taking the time to consider this.


Mark Martin, PhD
Regional Director (DSN), Bay Area
Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Development
California Community Colleges

(650) 248-7728

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The number of Manufacturing Day events being held is growing every day, but we need  to host an event in order to reach this year's goal. Here are just a few benefits of getting involved:
1. Showcase your operation and how you contribute to the manufacturing sector, local community, and future plans.
2. Receive attention from the media by inviting public officials to your event.
3. Enhance your future employee recruiting efforts by opening the minds of future generations to see that this isn't your grandfather's manufacturing sector.
4. Develop mutually beneficial relationships with local schools and organizations that could lead to apprenticeship and internship programs creating future skilled employees.
5. Take pride in being a part of the exciting movement that is changing the perception of modern manufacturing.
We hope that you choose to open your doors and celebrate the 5th Annual MFG DAY.
The MFG DAY co-producers
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