Dear manufacturing colleagues,
Are you an ace at measuring stuff? Are you interested in teaching others how to do it? 

If so, we would like to talk to you. De Anza College (Sunnyvale) and Laney College (Oakland) are starting up their QC Technician certificate programs. 

Beginning in January (assuming final approvals come through), we’re planning on offering a newly developed class called "Intro to Dimensional Metrology". This course will help train students and incumbent workers in the detailed aspects of how to measure physical parts (see attached document showing outline of the class). We worked closely with industry to develop the class and have a book and a detailed outline of what the class will cover, but since this is the first time teaching it, there is flexibility on the details of the class. The instructor would be compensated for the additional time to develop these details.

We’re starting to look for adjunct instructors to teach this Dimensional Metrology class. The plan is to teach this class in the evening (2x a week, 3-hour classes each night at Laney. Or possibly a 6 hour class on Saturdays).

If you have an associates degree or higher, at least 6 years of industry experience in metrology / QC, and would be interested in teaching at De Anza or at Laney, please let me know.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.